Monday, March 14, 2011


It's been a while since I have been on here and mainly because I have felt awfully sick. Throwing up daily usually or some days I find a little relief. Luckily the sickness tends to be just in the morning (true morning sickness). I have been getting motion sickness in the car (when I'm not driving) which is so not fun. Other than the fact I gained a good bit of weight between my second and third doctor's appointment (5 lbs - 7 total), things have been great.

Today, March 14th, we went for a second trimester ultrasound. We skipped out on the genetic testing for numerous reasons: the main being that I am a worrier and would probably make myself sick regardless of the results, positive or negative. So we opted out. Also, because no matter what we love this little "nugget" and can't wait to meet "it".

However TODAY we can call the "nugget" a she! The ultrasound tech told us she was 80-90% positive which I guess actually means 85% sure... I saw the same thing she was looking at and it certainly screamed girl to me. Not only did we not see boy parts, we also saw three little white lines. Awww, baby girl brady is on her way!

Now Tim Bob (DH) says I can pick out the nursery room color and he'll paint this weekend, since I'll be gone all weekend! How sweet. I am so taking him up on it and going to look at paint after practice today.

I originally had a grand idea of sharing the baby's sex with all my close friends at my bridal shower (my bridesmaids are throwing), but now I am not sure I can wait! I just want to tell everyone! I was going to have the cake baker put pink or blue icing on the inside layer. I think I still will! It will be exciting to reveal it that way!!!

So, the names are out:

Claire Elisabeth

Reese Mackenzie

Amelia Reese


Julianne Mackenzie (this one I am throwing out there myself - it has not been discussed in length with my hubby)