Thursday, November 17, 2011

3 Month Check Up

Although C is not officially 3 months old
until tomorrow we went to the doctor's for a weight check today. Last month she gained the minimum advised amount of weight at 13 oz from month 1 to 2. This month she gained 18 oz which is much much better! :) We aren't going to do any medicine to curb the spit up, yet since she's still gaining in the range and it's always a happy spit up. We are thinking she may have a mild intolerance to the milk protein (that does not mean she'll be allergic to milk!).

On the eve of my first day back to work, I am a mix of emotions. I am excited to be back at work and have a routine that is predictable, but I am going to miss the early morning smiles with my girl, the fighting naps during the day and preferring being in mamas arms, and I certainly will be sad that our time during the day will be cut in half due to me working. Clearly we cannot afford this lifestyle with one income (we tried it for four weeks while I wasn't getting paid and it was ugly - Tim has three extra jobs on top of his full time teaching position). Maybe one day I'll be able to stay home with C and future kiddos...that for now is just a dream!
Dear Sweet Claire,
I love you so very much and have enjoyed my 13 weeks at home with you. You have grown up before my eyes, so much and I adore the time we've spent together so far. I know it will be different with mommy at work, but you will have so much fun at daycare with "friends" and Miss N. She, I know, will take such great care of you! I cannot wait until the school bell rings at 2:10 because soon after that sound I will be rushing to see my pretty girl's sweet face. Please behave and don't forget mama loves you so very much!
Our little girl got to see Grandma again and meet Aunt Jeanie! She was quite the cutie pie who showed off her skills: talking all night long with grandma!

Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 and 12 weeks 1 day

Little Sweet Claire is 12 weeks (yesterday) and has quite the personality. Also yesterday we found out the bank accepted our offer on paper and we are moving onto getting an inspection this weekend.

Last night she slept for a record, from 9 pm to 6 am. She did manage to get up briefly at 2 am where I popped in the paci and she passed back out. I of course had to wake at 4:45 am to wonder what the heck happened to my sweet girl and obviously pump a little. She woke up happy and lovey which is always so nice to see!

Today we had wonderful visitors: Sada and Lizzybaby. They came to hang with Claire and we headed to lunch at Ship's together. It's always so nice to have visitors.

Sadly next week I go back to 7 Friday. I am sad to say I am going back to work and looking forward to it, but I really am ready. I feel like a bad mom for saying it. I loveeeee being home with Claire, but I also am getting a little stir crazy and totally excited to interact with old people. I also know Claire will be in GREAT hands with our day care provider!

So the countdown begins...7 days.... :(

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's November and I have the cutest little 10.5 week old!

Dinner's in the oven! (This just in...Tim called this meal, Restaurant Quality! I think James would be super proud of this meal. I am always excited when I make dinner and even more excited when I make it and it tastes so yummy!)

Our offer is being sent to the bank today to see if they accept it - fingers and toes crossed.


My baby girl has some pretty cute to spook pictures I need to upload from my mom's camera. Until then - here are a few from our pumpkin patch visit from a couple weeks ago! She was a doll face!

Short post, but today's been quite a busy day.

On a side note, I badly need to fill out C's baby book for Month 1 and Month 2, still. How pathetic. I think my goal tomorrow is to get the pens I want to use at Target and do that. We are also meeting with Miss N, our childcare provider, tomorrow. C is very excited, mommy is too, because surprisingly she's excited to head back to work...not that I want to leave Sweet C, but I am not cut out to be a stay at home mommy, yet at least (I honestly am shocked I am saying this)!