Thursday, July 19, 2012

5 steps

And counting! Everyday she gets better and better.

She's been standing, free standing, for a couple months! Jut popping up wherever she is. She's quite the mover. Fast, too.

Well today she took about 5 steps (not on camera) but prior to that I caught 2.5 steps that show her great balance as an 11month and 1 day old!

I all gymnast. She's strong, determined, fast, and has great balance, plus her smile won't hurt!

PS she loved playing in the tub tonight!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 10

July in Maryland is hot. Hot, hot, hot. So to cool off, Claire and I parked our behinds at MiMi & PopPop's a few times, early this month. We invited friends and celebrated the Fourth. It's sad to think that the 4th of July was Claire's second to last FIRST holiday celebration, her birthday is nearing. Claire has been showing her personality even more so as she has begun to throw mini temper tantrums when she does not get what she wants, which usually consists of the remote control. How old is Claire? C Beth is 10.5 months with a personality three times her size!What is she doing now? Claire crawls really really fast. If it's any indication to predict how fast she'll walk, we're in trouble. She can climb all the way up a flight of stairs and she's begun to learn how to come back down, but she prefers to go up. She can walk behind a walker, cruise, and climb up on her activity table with the help of surrounding toys. Claire can entertain herself for a while, reading books and really "talking" out loud. She enjoys "running" aka crawling very quickly away from you like she's being chased. She'll play hide & seek upstairs with the bedrooms and bathroom. She loves to talk to herself in the mirror in the bathroom while mommy showers. She also enjoys chasing Monty around the island and laughing very loudly. She's a giggly girl. Last excursion out of the house? C is at Home Goods right now with MiMi. She came to give mommy a break since she had surgery yesterday! Favorite food? Claire loves Bananas. She also really likes cheese!What is her daily schedule? Generally she wakes up by 6:30 am. She eats a bottle & breakfast, usually. Nap between 8-9 until for an hour and half. She plays until lunch time around 11. She then goes back down to nap around 12:30/1:30 for another hour and half or two hours. She plays for a while until dinner at 5. Bathtime is around 6:30/7 and bedtime follows shortly after that! Finally she is sleeping through the night on a continuous basis. If she wakes I have learned not to go get her and she falls asleep on her own! Favorite toy? Loves her baby doll and her first Pets.Daddy or Mommy? Whichever set of arms she is not in she wants the other. Monty or Sullivan? She fed Sullivan today, I have a cute video of this. And she really likes to pet him, because he lets her and just wags his tail. But, she really likes to "chase" Monty and laugh at him. It pretty much scares the poo out of Mont! How is she sleeping? Great, now! I bet I just jinxed that.Three words to describe C: Sweet, Strong Willed, Adventurous