Sunday, February 10, 2013

An hour

An hour for her to fall back asleep...

18 month sleep regression: who warns you of this? No one!

She tried every trick in the book from hungry to daddy to Monty. She came into bed with us for 10 minutes, tutted talking and said she wanted to eat. Gave her a cracker, she did not eat it. Changed her diaper, not dirty. Placed her back in bed. Threw out her paci, I retrieved it. One hour later she fall back asleep. Whoa! Please only be tonight.

No Point Post

Just some sweet pictures!

Claire has been trying to talk sentences. She says a bunch of gibber jabber but wants to so badly make sense. She always adds words in that she knows.

She talks on the phone and walks around with the phone to her ear. So funny!

Best thing now is she wants "mommmmy" all the time but it's so sweet how she says, "hiii mommmmy"!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Saturday, February 2, 2013

She wants to

If I could name a son after my girl it'd be definitely Kelly Clarkson's Miss Independent. She wants to do everything herself, including walking downstairs (we are not there quite yet). Today she said, "poo poo" and I asked if she wanted to go potty. She said yes!

We walked up the stair and took off her pants and diaper. She wanted a book and she wanted me to take off her socks. So I obliged. After several minutes and several times of her standing up and saying "pee pee" "all done" I reminded her she didn't go yet. She finally had enough fun and wanted a new diaper and her jammies.

She is such a fun little girl.