Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reading to daddy

Claire is reading a book to daddy.

It is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

She flips a page, reads, repeats.



I think this shows 16,20,22,23 weeks. The red pants is 19weeks.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

What a beautiful white Christmas we had here at home. Our first ever Christmas spent a a cute little family was amazing. To be home is such a wonderful feeling.

Claire was so extremely spoiled we may send some gifts back. It's like a toy store here at out home. And I feel like we didn't even get her much. I couldn't imagine going "all out". Her most favorite toy is probably her Abby and rosita dolls, Elmo movies, cash register, and her four wheeler. Each was a highlight for a few short minute until the next obsession.

Tim surprised me with a Kate Spade iPhone case and matching tote bag! I gave him the sunglasses and fishing boots he wanted so badly. I also bought him a tv for our bedroom, which I guess is our gift for the both of us.

Side note: before I forget I wanted to post an update on Patrick "no middle name" Brady because I keep looking back and clearly I didn't record enough with Claire. He was 13 oz at 20w6d and they found an echo genic foci on hi heart too. Of course it's a tad scary but my doctor is not concerned in the slightest, so I will not stress out like I did last time. We get another ultrasound with him next week:)

I have suggested a few names to use and tim keeps shooting them down. Beckham was the most recent. Oh well!

Recent purchase? I bought a cute hockey skate lamp for his room.

Christmas presents? My mom hot him some onesies and sleep sacks. Tim's mom got him a few onesies and sleep sacks too!

How am I feeling? Great no sickness for a while. My ob did put me on antibiotic last week when I went to my appointment with a terrible cold and for fear of bronchitis he knocked it out for me!

Position? Patrick is feet first at our last appointment but tonight I felt he potentially moved and it HURT. I kind of screamed OWW...and Claire started hysterically crying like she did something to me. Poor girl.

Does Claire get it? She lifts up my shirt and says belly or baby sometimes. It's cute.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Well we made it through the hardest week of the year. Claire was diagnosed with croup on Wednesday and after taking her in today, we are not sure that's really what it was. Maybe it was just a viral infection. Anyways she developed a fever at some point Saturday and was unbearable. She couldn't sleep in her crib and was pulling at her ears. So Dr. M said he'd meet us at the office on a Sunday - seriously, a SUNDAY! We were so fortunate. Turns out she has an ear infection and the antibiotics are thankfully already working. She's so much better already. Although she looks sick as a dog, she feels much better even though her voice is nonexistent. I hope it comes back the same cute voice it used to be. Now that she is feeling better, I of course am starting to feel yucky. So tomorrow we head in to get our anatomy scan and I cannot wait.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Half way there!

Boy or girl?!? We find out Monday!

So i must make a note of the awful week we've had since #2 is on "its" way. CROUP. A five letter word that SUCKS. Claire has been miserable. I was called Monday at 11 to pick her up since she had a fever. By that evening her fever was high around 103. Tues and Wed the fever would spike at 1:00 or 2:00 to 104. I called the pedi and took her in Wednesday and she was diagnosed by her barky cough and hoarseness. Thursday was better and today has been bad since she's miserable and tired. When I walked in the door, from work, she literally ignored me for 5 straight minutes. Ugh! Please feel better soon Miss Claire.