Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sweet Lord "it's Hot Already" Summertime

28 weeks and counting. I cannot believe it is winding down and by the end of summer we'll have our bundle of joy in our arms. I just pray everyday that this sweet baby girl stays put until at least August 5th. If she wants to come early it can't be earlier than that for several reasons:

Dear Claire, honey,
1. Mommy has to finish her job, and it doesn't end until July 21st. I coach and one day you'll appreciate it because you'll be a superstar lax player!
2. You are still growing and to be super healthy when you enter this world mommy and daddy would like your organs to be completely developed!!
3. Daddy works summer school and isn't finished until the end of the first week of August. Stay put please!
Love, Your Mom and Dad

This past weekend we went bought a brand new bed frame for our bed. We were sooo excited because about a week ago we bought a new king sized mattress. It's aaaamazing! The bedframe, from Ikea, is so cute and we got a new duvet. The dogs particularly love it because there is actually room for them.

Today, it was nearly 100 degrees at the end of May. Really?! Is this the type of Maryland heat I have to look forward too? I think I am going to hang out at my mom's tomorrow to swim in the pool a little. I really need to start working out. I am setting a few goals as soon as baby Claire enters this world. Once I am cleared, my plan is to begin Yoga on a regular basis and train for a half marathon at some point during November or December.

On another note, due to my lack of activity I get massages still to loosen my extremely tight muscles, so I went to get my second prenatal massage tonight and although at times I felt I was going to vomit on the lady (my stomach was so full from dinner still), it was amazing. I can't wait to go back at the end of June!

I know this post is all over the place, but a lot has happened in the past week. So thanks for bearing with me!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Etsy has the Best of Me

I keep obsessing over the internet every day I get home (now that lacrosse is over and I have a little time to myself - I see nothing wrong with it). I however, want to purchase everything I see. I am constantly on ETSY.com and I cannot stop finding things to make as "my favorite".

I want the onsie stickers for when baby Claire turns a month older (for pictures with my new camera).

I want the cutest shabby chic clock to hang on baby Claire's nursery wall.

I wish I could find something for baby Claire to wear home from the hospital that is personalized (but nothing I see is jumping at me to buy, especially not for $40 or more).

Oh and Mabel's Labels and namebubbles, to name a few, are my new favorite site as I search to figure out which labels I want to buy for Claire as she heads off to daycare in November!

Monday, May 23, 2011

27 weeks

How far along are you?: 27 weeks, 2 days

How big is baby?: From what I've read she is nearly 14.5 inches and 2 lbs!

Weight gain/loss?: I think I have gained a total of 17 lbs.

Stretch marks?: Nopppe

Maternity clothes?: Yes, but I prefer my t-shirts and sweats or shorts that still fit!

Sleep?: We just got a brand new KING SIZE foam mattress. So very nice!

Best moment this week?: Receiving a package when I got back in town! They are the cutest blocks in the world with Claire's little name spelled out on them!

Food cravings?: still nothing

Belly button?: Still in. When baby is hanging out high she pops it out half way!

Labor signs?: Nope, thank goodness, I keep reading that baby could survive if born today with a lot of medical help, so I still am praying she stays in until at least August 13th.

What I'm looking forward to this week? WE HAVE OUR STATE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME tomorrow!

Worst moment of the week?: My poor Sullivan had to get a sedative because he has a hotspot on his neck. It's awful and very painful! He's been knocked out all afternoon. Poor guy!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Block C - Block L - Block A - Block I - Block R - Block E

Blockssss! They finally came in. I am absolutely head over heels for the most adorable block letters I found on etsy. The lady took her time and did a fabulous job with Claire's nursery blocks. I cannot wait to find the perfect shelf to set them on. I will take more formal pictures later to share, but for now here is a small picture from my phone. Enjoy!

Updated 6/2/11:
Here are some pictures with my camera and not the camera phone! They are just so darn cute. I wish I made things like this for a living!

Friday, May 13, 2011

A reLAXing First Baby Shower

Yesterday the girls threw me a S U R P R I S E shower! How sweet it was...

Robin and Natalie helped, obviously with the logistics, but secretly they were able to pull it off even with a few "uh oh" moments. First I was in the bathroom before practice and apparently Zoe ran into coaches office extremely loud with the comment: Does Coach Tack still not know...and I guess Natalie motioned that I was in the bathroom (oops). Luckily I must have been flushing because I did hear her say Coach Tack. Then I guess Zoe's dad almost blew it with the pizza delivery, oops. Either way I had to pee, go figure, and I ran to the bathroom before I walked into the room to "watch film" like we had planned. Instead of film I watched a diaper duty relay, a pass the pacifier carefully, and to top it off adorable decorations with the cutest presents!

Baby Claire was spoiled with the SnugaBunny swing, a brand new lacrosse stick (which she probably won't be able to hold, correctly, until she's 5, and the most adorable bib that says "why dribble when you can cradle".

My mom was there also and she came with a cute book I Love You Stinky Face with the inscription: Love, Gran Sue - I think she'll change that by the end of August for sure! :o) She also gave Claire two newborn outfits and the cuteeeeest moccasins a baby girl could ever have!

Although not put together here's the snugabunny swing:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trumpette Mocs on babysteals.com today!

These are what my mom just bought Claire today! Are they not the cutest little moccasins? I already can't wait for Easter next year! Plus she got them at a steal: $13.75

Monday, May 9, 2011

25 weeks + a couple days

This picture is from last week 24 weeks!
How far along are you?: 25 weeks, 2 days

How big is baby?: Apparently she's about 13.5 inches and 1.5 lbs!

Weight gain/loss?: I go to the doctor's tomorrow. 4 weeks ago I was up +13 lbs. (UPDATE: I was weighed today at the docs - I gained +3 lbs the past four weeks - so I am up 16 total pounds!)

Stretch marks?: Not yet. Just asked my mom and Nanny if they had them...both explained, "Yes!". So not fun.

Maternity clothes?: Yes, I spent $200 at Motherhood Maternity last week on a pair of jeans, a pair of black dress pants, a pair of khaki dress pants, a pair of jean capris, and a nice cotton navy dress! I already had bought several maternity shirts!

Sleep?: Pretty good. I wake up most nights to go to the bathroom once or twice. I also really do not enjoy our DOUBLE BED! I must go buy a new mattress, asap.

Best moment this week?:
Mother's Day Brunch I planned and served :o)

Food cravings?: Nada

Gender?: Daddy's little girl (doctor update: baby girl's heartbeat was at 144 bpm today!)

Movement?: All the time. I finally started feeling hiccups last night while laying in bed. It's so darn cute. She kicks me super low and then sometimes twists and turns and moves up high for the next day. I am tired of getting kicked way, way low! So not comfortable!

Belly button?: Still in. When baby is hanging out high she pops it out half way!

Labor signs?: Nope, thank goodness, but I do feel Braxton Hicks (randomly once two weeks ago and today a little). I just keep chugging water. Keep growing little girl!

What do I miss?: I really REALLY want to run right now. It's getting nice out and all I want is to be able to actually go on a nice lonnnng run. I am tired of being so tight in my muscles. Speaking of, I am going to stretch in front of the TV tonight!

What I'm looking forward to this week?
To hear my baby girl's heartbeat today! :o) She's such a cutie!

We, well I, just finished registering at amazon.com YAY! It actually wasn't as bad as I thought. I asked friends some questions and read a LOT on the Bump.com. I really think I have a decent spread of things that I need. Any moms reading this blog and thing I should add or remove...please let me know. :o)

Our Nursery for the Baby Claire Elisabeth!