Monday, April 25, 2011

Back From Our Honeymoon

And...we landed safe and sound. A little smelly (thanks to me), yes I threw up ALL over the taxi van on the way to the airport, with three other couples in it. GROSS, I know! I laid down because I wasn't feeling so good, thanks to the windy roads and up and down motion. Regardless I couldn't sit back up before it came ALL over me and poor, Tim. Well needless to say he was amazing and picked it up with his bare hands (another big GROSS!) and helped me clean it up. We eventually got to the airport 25 minutes later and changed quickly before heading to security.

Our trip was wonderful. Although not perfect for a couple reasons, me being pregnant and the service being a little lousy, it was really a great time. Tim had a blast being out of the country for the first time and I just can't wait to do it again with him and our baby girl.

To recap we fell asleep pretty easily each night, pretty early. The sun during the day was hot and intense and really left us drained (me especially). Baby Claire had a blast. She was moving the ENTIRE week (kicking and punching her mama). We went on a kayak into the cove for about 7 minutes, I got scared and made Tim turn around. Although the locals told us there are no sharks near St. Lucia because of the currents. The water was a tad on the chilly side, certainly comfortable in the hot sun, but not like bath water.

We ate at every restaurant except The Pitons because on the last night Tim decided to take a run in the 90 degree heat and humidity up the hill to "wake himself up". He found himself in bed with the chills and symptoms of heat exhaustion for a good 2 hours. He eventually willed himself out of bed on our last night there to enjoy one more meal with his pregnant wife. The Kimono's restaurant was nice and funny because the St. Lucian (who is black) kept saying he was "blackanese" and the only one on the island to cook hibachi. I must say although the food was not as good as the traditional Japanese Steakhouse's he certainly gave us more entertainment than I have ever had at one of them.

Our tour we scheduled caused us much debt. We didn't think the whole American cash thing through and really only brought about $200. Where $50 was probably spent on loose ends, from the airports to a few tips. Needless to say we needed about $30 to help pay for our tour we scheduled and put a deposit down on...yep, Tim went into town while I sat by the pool scared whether or not he would make it back in one piece with money. He did make it back but after spending probably $400 American dollars on only getting like $130 back. Weird. But we had a blast on the tour. We visited so many things.

As our trip came to an end Tim convinced me to brave my bikini on the beach and actually get a picture with the bump! So cute! I loved the turnout because I actually look a lot smaller in the pictures than I thought I looked. :o)

Friday came and we left. I HAD to eat before we left because I knew how bad my mood would be if I went to eh St. Lucian airport and there was NO food, for hours. I stuffed my face with this weird Jamaican pocket. BAD IDEA. We got in the cab with three other couples, yep that means 8 of us were in the van. Luckily I jumped in the front seat, totally planned to make sure Tim and I were in the first row. Well 35 minutes into the trip I felt sick...YIKES. I knew it was not good given we had still 40 minutes left to drive. I held out and breathed deeply for a good 10 minutes. I laid down for 5 and OOOOH noooo! There it came...I could not sit up in time to reach the bag I had earlier asked Tim to pull out. BAM. Yep I puked all over my right shoulder and Tim's LEG! Poor guy. He didn't even flinch. He picked it up with his hand and helped me clean it. He even gave me his long sleeve shirt which I used to change out of my other shirt, mind you in front of the other 6 people. What a nightmare! How embarassing. It's okay, I'll never see them again!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Crib & Valence

Thank you very much to my parents for purchasing the crib :o) We are extremely grateful for this, so thank you.

I put it together all by myself because I was being extremely stubborn. Poor Tim. I nearly gave him a heart attack, but I wanted to do it ALL by myself. And I did!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nursery Painted - CHECK

The nursery has been completed with paint! My mom helped paint the trim and Tim did all the walls for the 34354390th time. HOLY COW - it was a lot of paint. We went through a gallon of green paint (that I hated) and repainted it with light pink (Hush Pink) paint and prior to that he had to KILLZ it.

Anyways, the coloring is now beautiful and matches the dresser I bought last weekend. I love it!

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

20 weeks - Half Way There!

Whoooooaaaa Oh, We're Half Way Thereeeee....Whooooaaaa, Living On A Prayer...

Prayer # 1: Please Dear God let the dress fit...

I tried on my dress yesterday for the first time since "the bump", for Allison's wedding in TWO WEEKS. Oops, wow, it so does not fit. The seamstress can do nothing, but tighten the breast area. I can barely breath in it and I am PRAYING in two weeks it will zip up at least for the 20 minute ceremony. My zipper may be undone during pictures and I am so changing after the introductions to the reception. My poor sister in law. She may kill me! That is why I am not telling her (she has other things to worry about rather than my darn dress).

Prayer # 2: Please Dear God let our little girl be healthy

So yesterday, April Fool's, we went for our follow up Level 2 Ultrasound at St. Agnes. The doctor explained to us the bright spot (echogenic foci) was still there, but it didn't seem extremely concerning. Of course he had to give us the odds. My blood work from the Maternal Serum Test came back "negative", per Dr. Jones and the Doctor at the hospital said the chances of Baby Brady having Downs was 1:1720. With the bright spot, a soft marker for Downs, it brought my odds to 1:860, cutting it in half. I mean the math shows about 99% sure Baby Brady will be healthy when born. He did reassure us that it is not a heart defect, a birth defect, or even a heart problem, so that's good. We are just praying daily that our baby girl will be healthy.

So yes, they confirmed it yesterday, both the tech and the's definitely a girl. Good thing, because Tim painted the room pink Thursday night and we have almost a closet full of baby girl clothes. We are so excited to know Claire Elisabeth Brady is on her way. She is going to be beautiful. Her side profile was just darling. Now her head on shot the tech took was a tad scary and we just laugh. Tim thinks she looks like the "Chuckie" doll and he's right, it almost does. She's scary looking with BIG round eyes (I guess the eye sockets) and a cute little mouth all opened. Almost like a ghost!

Today we went shopping and I just spent $200 on maternity clothes. My hubby almost choked on his coffee when he walked up, just as I was paying. Clearly I need some clothes to fit me as my pants soon will not even work with the Bella Band. Plus we're going to St. Lucia in two weeks an I needed some cute summer clothes. :o) Next week, I need to go get luggage for our fab trip that is coming up!!!!