Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Claire!

Claire Beth turned 1 year old over the weekend and wow what a special little lady we have on our hands. She is a beautiful, vibrant petite girl with lots of smiles, loads of personality, and a temper that doubles her size. She is quite the spitfire and imp, but a loving, sweet baby still. We had the best birthday party with Claire and 50 of our closest family and friends. Some of Claire's friends came too, including: Abbie, Lily, Penelope, Paxton, and our neighbors kids. My half brothers made the drive down from Long Island with my stepmom to meet Claire for the first time and her Grandma/Grandpa Brady made the trek down from Buffalo. We enjoyed a backyard feast with lots of pink and yellow. The lemonade stand theme was carried throughout the house and Claire's beautiful dress I got from an Etsy shop. Tim and I constructed, painted, and made a little lemonade stand for C to play with and be photographed with. It was the focal piece of the entire party. It turned out just perfect. Although she was a bit fussy and tired for the party she managed to make it through the overwhelming commotion and survive eating cake and opening presents. Now we need to write the thank you notes with some paint and her handprint :) Wednesday we head to the peditrician's office to get her one year stats and make sure she is a healthy little girl! I cannot believe one year ago we were bringing her home for the first time and enjoying our sleepy newborn.