Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Claire was the good witch at daycare because her party isn't until tomorrow. This evening she ran around before trick or treaters started showing up.

Before the sun set, Claire was dancing in her elephant costume with Mimi nearby. She giggled, drug her pumpkin bag, and went up to a few doors, saying, "knock knock". She was the cutest elephant I've ever seen, with quite the dance moves!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Mom and Dad + Claire = four :)

We're expecting!!! Looks like our newest Brady buncher is due April 25, 2013. I am almost positive it's another girl and will be surprised to see differently. Obviously we don't really care as long as it's healthy:)

We found out on Claire's first birthday because I had to pee on a stick before we attended Katy & Greg's wedding. Sure enough it showed 2 lines. Over the next week I peed on 4 sticks, each got darker. At our 9 week appointment we heard the heart rate on Doppler at 144. Then on Wednesday we went to get our first ultrasound and we saw our sweet baby! Heart rate was 168 and our due date moved up from 4/29 to 4/25!

I make pregnant woman #7 at work;) Claire is going to be a big sister!