Sunday, September 18, 2011

One Month Old

Claire Elisabeth is ONE MONTH OLD TODAY!

1 month stats: 9 lbs !!!
Claire also got her Hep B 2nd shot and it was heart wrenching...she screamed then was easily calmed when I picked her up.

Nicknames: Beary, Bears, Clairey, Claire Beth, and Sweet C, more to come I am sure.

Things Claire can do:

She has rolled over probably more than both hands can count. It doesn't happen all the time and sometimes it startles her and she cries after the fact. She goes from her tummy to her back pretty quickly, especially if her hands are out in front of her.

Claire also props herself up with her knees bent like she'd like to crawl, but she's clearly too young. I have a feeling we may have an early crawler (uh oh!).

Sweet C loves, loves, loves, to stare and can get easily fixated on black and white objects.

She is extremely alert 5-6 hours a day and sometimes longer. Her eyes are so big and already turning, what we think is Brown. She's going to be our brown eyed girl (most likely).

She has the prettiest complexion. It's just gorgeous. Definitely got her daddy's coloring.

She has her mommy's just about everything else (see the picture for comparison). It is pretty scary how similar Claire looks compared to my baby pictures. Poor Tim!

Her hair is starting to fall out, as we've found random strands of her pretty dark hair around. Tim is very sad about this and wants it to stay. I do too!

Claire has been wearing cloth diapers not on a regular basis, but more and more as mommy is getting used to it. We like them because I change her as soon as she's wet because we can tell and she isn't getting rashes with them. Whereas the Pampers we are noticing rashes overnight. She really has the cutest fluffy bum because it's sooo big! Pretty darn cute:

Claire is gooing and gahhing all over the place. She loves to coo! It's adorable. The cutest thing is I say, "Hiiii" to her all the time in a high pitch and she's been imitating it. It really sounds like, "hiii". So cute.

Beary is smiling now. She has been shooting us smiles for about two weeks (like since just before she was 4 weeks old). She now can do it when I work really hard to get her smile for mommy. She loves to do it and they always show her entire toothless mouth. I just love her gummies!

Bears also drools and blows bubbles. We keep teasing and saying she's so advanced that she is already teething. For my sake, I am praying she isn't teething anytime soon. ;o)

Beary has gone to her first lacrosse tournament last weekend (I'll do a separate post on this). We won and the girl's gave her the huge (tacky) trophy.

Visitors so far:

Claire has been so fortunate to have so many visitors. We have seen Sada, Erin, Ian, Heather, James, Katie, Natalie, Jess, Sa, Miss Karen, and for now that's all I can remember because I am drawing a blank.

Places we've gone:

Target, Babies R Us, Marshall's, Giant, Starbucks, to Baltimore City for the Ravens/Steelers Tailgate (she must of been the good luck charm) Century HS for the girls soccer game, OC, Kelly& Harper's house for a playdate
, Liz & Penelope's for a playdate

Friday, September 16, 2011

Daddy Beware

Claire took her first bottle today!

I've started pumping since fall lax starts up soon! She didn't love it the whole time but she was hungry and enjoyed mose of it.

Yayyy! Sunday's practice will be easier knowing she cannot starve.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

September Goal

I'd like to make these for Claire eventually so when she's old enough she can play with them on the fridge.

Goal Deadline: Let's go with the end of maternity leave...hmmm, we'll see.

Announcements Ordered Check, Shower No Check

I love what I created on Shutterfly and the main reason I used this site was because they had a 20% off cards promo and I got an additional 20% off from a card I received in the mail with a code. It came out to about 99 cents a card, still a tad expensive, but they're beautiful and I had to share our pretty little C to everyone!

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

I think I put all my addresses on my external harddrive so my goal tomorrow is to get them off the harddrive and print out labels to send out the cards when they arrive.

I am not creating a photobook of Claire Bear from birth until 3 months so I can order them for the grandparents for Christmas! Ohhhh they're going to be in love! :o)

Sadly, today, I have failed to shower yet. Not because Claire hasn't slept, but because I am lazy, sleepy, and my back hurts!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Am I crazy?

Why would I even be considering a second baby already?

I just can't get the baby fever out of my head. I want to start running again, yes, but I can do that, lose the rest of the baby weight, and get knocked up again! That's my plan at least. Is it pathetic that I want to get pregnant in February - April, already?

I think Tim is about to have a heart attack with the financial issues, but I know every body freaks about this with every baby whether it's one or six.

On a more reasonable note, I started using the cloth diapers that we stashed ourselves up with throughout the end of my pregnancy. It is going great so far. I got a little motivation from a group of cloth diapering mamas on Facebook. They encouraged me to just go for it and promised me I would love it. So far so good. I am going to do diaper laundry tomorrow, so I think I need to run to Target on our way home from a friendly visit to meets Claire's new friend, Harper, to get a drying rack.

For the first time, we used a fitted with a cover, I used a prefold and a pocket. I think I'll probably use an AIO Lil Joey's tonight since it will be the easiest to change and another pocket diaper. I also just ordered some fleece liners since those were recommended to help with nighttime changes!

So I may be crazy not only because I already want to have another child (well not in 10 months, BUT you get the idea), but because I started to cloth diaper?! You decide.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sunshine and Tummy Time

Claire turned three weeks old on Thursday and we've been having so much fun with her. She is the reason I wake up everyday (literally and figuretively) and she is the reason my heart feels so much more love than I ever imagined.
Sometimes I catch myself just staring at her while she sleeps or checking on her even though I can see her through the monitor when she naps. I even notice that I long for her even when she's out of my arms or sight for a couple minutes. Clearly, a mother's love.

Today for the first day in nearly a week we had sunshine and boy was it nice, even though I didn't really venture outside. I did however get the chance to try out our new wheels on our stroller with Claire until she decided to be a fussy pants, so we turned around. It seems that in the evenings she just wants to eat, eat, and eat (well today, at least). So now she and I sit in the dark living room while she "naps" on the boppy and daddy is upstairs watching football (I banned him from her because he is claiming he feels sick). Wow, did he just find the way to get off the hook in the middle of the night (I think so!).

Tummy time is a must per the pediatrician's orders so every day we try and get plenty of it in whether it's on my chest or actually on the ground or couch. She even loves laying on her back and looking at the sights in her crib, or sitting up nice and tall on mom's shoulder and scanning her surroundings. She certainly is an alert little girl and is very curious already.

Tomorrow the plan is to let daddy go watch the Bills game in Canton with his friends, while mommy introduces the newest addition to her favorite NFL team, the Ravens. We are going to head down into the city with a purple cardigan, because her Ravens onesies will not fit until playoffs (when it counts), to experience her very first tailgate with her Mimi, PopPop, and Uncle Pete! Hoping for a very restful night.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

When will she sleep...

...she doesn't! She's often wide eyed and perfectly content in her mama's arms, but put her down and you get an angry scowling cry. But today when I finally got her down for the third time (the first two she only slept for up to 40 minutes, so who knows how long this "nap" may be) I came across this lovely blog post. I forwarded it to my hubby and we emailed back and forth some of our favorites.

I know T will love to take his little girl fishing and she her eyes when he puts the squirmy worm on the hook. And I know she'll ask for a pony one day because like mama like daughter, since I did, I am sure she will. It just reminded T that he doesn't have to say YES to this, but he can compromise by renting one when we are out at Mimi & PopPop's for a birthday party! I also am pushing the handwritten letters to his little girl each year for her birthday. I am going to do this as well and hand them to her in a package when she heads off to college, gets married, or really needs a motivational and emotional boost!

Sweet C is our baby girl and we love her so very much, regardless of the fact that she barely sleeps (no way is she sleeping the "recommended 15 hours a day").

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sleep is Overrated

A direct quote from my dearest daughter, Claire. She clearly thinks nighttime is wake time and daytime is sleepy time. Nice - not that her days and nights are mixed up, the pediatrician just says that's how newborns are. She is the cutest little peanut and I love her so very much, but how can a baby only sleep for 45 -90 minutes at a time ALL DAY LONG.

You know the new TV show on NBC: Up All Night with Christina Applegate, it probably is foreshadowing my life to be...oh boy! I think Tim and I are in for it with our little diva.

I must say she is eating like a champ for weighing in on Thursday at 7 lbs, 9 oz, and quite honestly I swear she's gained a few more ounces, because I think she's starting to feel like a brick when I pick her up.

Some of my favorites that Miss Claire does:

arching her back and head while moving her head, with pursed lips, side to side
completely rejecting the pacifier like we are about to murder her with it so she swings pretty hard for a 2.5 week old at it
when she realizes she is going to get fed, she roots like crazy with a satisfied look on her face (Thanks, Mommy)
when she is pooping - yes pooping - she is actually quite adorable: she scrunches her little forward, stares ahead, which is followed by a little push and some musical notes from her behind....oh so cute
oh and I just love her wide open eyes!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

2 Weeks Today

Claire Bear is two weeks today! She is growing like a weed (well not like a weed), she's putting on the L-Bs like a champ. My sweet C went to the doctors today and Dr. M said she looks "great" and he just kept saying it to us: how "great" she looked. We measured her head to toe and she was 20.5 in (still). And we measured her head circumference for that nerdy science brain and it was 13.75 inches. And lastly they weighed her in, NAKED, she topped the scale at 7 lbs 9 ounces, WOWSERS! My girl just gained 12 ounces in 9 days. She's a very good eater!

Our sweet C met her grandma and grandpa from Buffalo yesterday and she is such a cuddle bug with grandma. She loves the special attention because she is being held during most of her daytime naps. I think mommy is going to have a hard time trying to break this habit when they leave, but everything I keep reading says you cannot spoil a baby under the age of 2 months. So I think I am safe, for now.

Over the weekend, Claire experienced her very first hurricane, Hurricane Irene which took up the East Coast causing a lot of damage and flooding all along the coastline. We got some pretty bad wind and rain which caused most people to lose power, including us. We got power back on Monday, but schools were out Monday (the first day back for students) and my school was even out for Tuesday as power had not been restored. It was quite an experience feeding C in the middle of the night by flashlight or her glowing seahorse (thank you Brett and Harper)!

Anyways, this Labor Day although I am not working I will be spending most of the weekend with family. Tim's parents are here until Saturday and my brother and sister in law come in late Friday night! I am so excited for C to meet her Auntie Alli Jo and Uncle Alex! I'll post an update with pictures from the weekend, once I load them!