Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our Wedding, A Happy Appointment, and A Funeral

Well, we're married and the past week and half have been wildly crazy in a good way and a bad way.

January 15th could not have gone any better (with the exception of the Ravens pulling off a win). We were so happy and thrilled to be getting married. Regardless of the situation, it was going to happen either then or in the fall. So I know Tim is happy there are no more interviews I must drag him to and the fact he doesn't have to be my support system for something he knew I was going to end up making all the final decisions, anyway! :o)

Father Greg is such a blessing to us. He was so accommodating and everything you would expect a priest to be in a time of need. Luckily for us January is not Maryland's busy wedding season! Lunch was great. The speeches from Kevin, Katie, and Rich were wonderful. The photo session was everything I had hoped for. And we went home a happily married couple.

Then the bad, awful, unthinkable news came. Laying in bed Tim sees a life changing text message. Things were not good. Thinking optimistically, hoping, and praying, it was to late. TJ, a good friend of Tim's, passed away from a heart attack that night. We were anything, but happy. Here we are less than 24 hours later of married bliss and we are miserable.

But, Tuesday stumbled along and thankfully our appointment was amazing. We heard our little nugget's heartbeat, beating away on doppler :o) A healthy heartbeat of 147-156. The old wive's tale says: anything over 140 is a baby girl. Rich and I swear it's a baby girl while the rest of the family swears baby boy and Tim is adamant he is a he. Today we were happy.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Four more days...

And the countdown begins...
I have taken off work on Friday to better prepare for this crazy, spur of the moment wedding.

I am still struggling with my jewelry attire.

The wedding bands Tim and I got last minute are AMAZING (well mine is) I actually haven't seen his yet. I ended up buying mine and he bought his. A total price of....drum roll please...$388 plus tax. Holy Moly! Who gets their wedding band with 7 diamonds on it for $300. Yep, the lady at St. John's LOVES us. She found it as one of the pieces people sell for money. It is adorable! Matches almost perfectly with my engagement ring and it is just what I was looking for. The one I thought about was $987...definitely not worth when comparing the two.

My maid of honor, Katie Pattillo, is just the sweetest...she is coming up Friday to spend the day with me to get our nails done and I guess I should get my eyebrows waxed and search for jewelry - clearly a last minute ordeal.

I am overwhelmed beyond belief and freaking out that I may be sick at our ceremony. Last Sunday I went to mass and lasted about 38 minutes. I was 10 minutes late, ran to the bathroom during the beginning portion of Communion because I thought I might pass out or puke, and at the end when the priest was giving suggestions to support Pro-Life and some anti-abortion event - I felt again I might puke. Irony??! So needless to say, I am panicking about what Saturday will bring. The positive is that I have only puked twice and both times have been super early in them morning around 5:30 and I feel MUCH better afterwards.

So Tim has informed me he is kidnapping me on Sunday for the day and night! I am exciteddddd for that and to be his wife!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To be a wife...

Only a week and a half left from being a Tack, soon I will be a Brady. I am thrilled!

Most people who are about to be a wife do the usual:

Work their butts off at the gym. I on the other hand have a hard time getting off the couch in the afternoon and offline from

Go out for their bachelorette party to get crazy silly and dance their booty off. I on the other hand was in bed at 8 pm on New Year's Eve - I have a feeling I won't be making it to any crazy dance offs before I get hitched.

Get bronzed and their hair did beautifully. I on the other hand will look as pale as usual :o) and my hair is going to be super natural! I am okay with looking like myself as I see my hubs while I walk down the aisle.

Pack their bags for their luxurious honeymoon. I on the other hand will be saving those days to take off when baby Brady shows up. I also would prefer to save the trip for a getaway when I need it after the baby has kept us up for four months straight.

I will be getting my nails done and toes painted (maybe even green - for Team Green!) Oh wait, Tim will not allow me to go the entire three trimesters without knowing if he's a boy or she's a girl!

And I did get the most beautiful wedding dress and gorgeous (well $21.99) cathedral veil. Boy has this baby changed me from being the despised brideszilla to the cheaper the better!

I am very excited to become a wife and a mom all in the same year. 2011 is sure to be an exciting start to our lives.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


What an wonderful date? Tim woke me up 30 seconds to midnight and had me watch the ball drop, gave me a kiss, and let me fall right back to sleep. I have barely been able to stay up past 9 o'clock most nights. I find myself on the internet reading posts from other pregnant August mommies. Or finding stuff for our wedding in two weeks. TWO WEEKS - can you believe it? I called my father in Washington and told him we are expecting, I also invited him to the wedding. Interesting response, for sure...really nothing until the end of the phone call when he asked me to name the child, if it's a boy, after him.

Well the boy name is already picked out and has been before we even knew we were expecting. But, we're not telling! It is a total secret. I am still trying to convince Tim to have some fun and let's not find out what the baby is...I think that is a fat chance and he wants to know regardless. Well maybe, our bunch baby will cross his/her legs and not satisfy the doctor or daddy. I'd like that very much. It would be my sneaky way of getting what I wanted. (Is Tim sure he wants to marry me? A lifetime of this...)

So, first things first, let me introduce myself. I am a twenty something year old who was thrown a curve ball when I woke up after my work holiday party December 18th. All the engaged and recently married gals were chatting how we'd all be taking maternity leave, the same time. I told them to bite their tongues, thinking, really I don't want to get into this now...let's get through the three weddings. Well, I had a panicked look on my face and one said, "Well, are you pregnant?" Of course I didn't think I was, but it would make sense why I was two days late and soooo sleepy. As I ran into the bedroom the next morning waving the stick in Tim's face, he was still asleep, confused, and didn't understand. I asked him to pleaseeee go get the most expensive pee stick at Rite Aid. He did. And sure enough a Big Fat Positive (BFP).

So fast forward two weeks and we've (well Mom and I) have planned a nice 11 am ceremony in the St. Louis Chapel and a luncheon afterward at Baldwin Station.