Sunday, June 19, 2011

Spoiled (v): we'll use definition #5: Treat with great or excessive kindness, consideration, or generosity

I can't say it louder or enough. If Claire were to come early, I honestly think we'd be set! She has pretty much everything she needs. On Wednesday my department at school surprised me with the sweetest and cutest shower. We were able to get some cute outfits, a swaddling blanket, the "health care" kit, and two of our big items: the bouncer and jumperoo! Talk about spoiled!

Then on Saturday my grandmother's (how sweet) threw me another shower with some of their friends and a couple family members. Claire's gifts were piled to the top and opening each one was so exciting and fun. The clothes are adorable and everyone who did outfits were sooooo "experienced" because I got sizes from 0 months up to 18 months! How smart is that! We got the cutest little bear that speak the Lord's Prayer when you press her tummy under her praying hands (it's just precious). Claire has her first "teddy bear" and the cutest little giraffe named Jeanie.
We were able to get several big items at this shower which I was overwhelmed with gratitude towards my family (wow!): the crib bedding, the highchair, the car seat, a car seat base, the pack n play, and the BREAST PUMP, really!?! I mean what did we do to deserve all this. I mean I read a lot on The Bump and everyone talks about how it is completely the parents responsibility to fully fund the baby and the things you need, everything you get at showers are "gifts" and no one HAS to buy off a registry. I just can't believe that most things we asked for were off our registry! I was beyond stoked, excited, and speechless with gratitude.

Here are a few pictures of all the loot we escaped with (clearly extremely grateful and thankful for it all):

Her first personalized bib from Aunt Alli Jo & Uncle Alex:

Trumpette socks - the cutest things I've ever seen, from Miss Colleen & Mr. Jimmy:

A Prayer Bear that says the Lord's Prayer for bed time praying, from Miss Ann:

One of the cutest outfits we've received, from Grandma RoRo:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Wow - I am just overwhelmed with the generosity my coworkers showed in planning and executing a surprise shower for me!

Natalie really got me...The shock my department gave me both the BOUNCER and the Rainforest JUMPERAROO! I am beyond excited. I even got the changing pad which I thought no one would get me, and my co teacher said it's the boring gift, but you NEED it so I got it for you also - she gave me the cutest little clothes and lap cloths!

Just a happy pregnant lady with a smile on her face, not only because the school year is winding down, but because I have such thoughtful friends at work.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Hahn's!

Just wanted to give a shout out to my sister in law and her new hubby: Jeanie & Kevin!

They got married on the apparent end of the world/ Judgment Day 2011: May 21, 2011. It was a beautiful, gorgeous Buffalo spring day with sunshine and warmth. The ceremony was lovely and the reception was a rockin' party just how those two wanted it. I was in awe with the centerpieces (Kevin's mom made the all out of silk flowers - it was impossible to tell).

Cloth Diapers, to do or not to do?

I am of course starting my last ten weeks and slowly beginning to research much more as I have the time with school ending. I am considering cloth diapers and before I totally say no I want to read about it, look at the costs, and talk to other moms who cloth diaper their babes.

The worst part about it is my mom thinks I'm stupid for it and my hubby doesn't even know I'm considering this, yet.

But honestly how amazing would it be if we could save of the course of all of our kids a LARGE amount of money just through cloth diapers. I mean we live with city water, we have a hanging clothes line (if we want to be super eco friendly), and the diapers can be super cute.

Friday, June 10, 2011

And so the countdown begins...


That would be a big ole TEN WEEKS left and the pretty baby Brady could be here. The real start of our adventures as a Brady bunch will have just started.

The dogs are scaring me greatly. Monty is a snapper, growler, instigator, and grumpy old man whose only two and Sullivan is a barker, jumper, lover, sweetie, one year old pup. Today we went out to Mimi and PopPop's and they ran ramped and even had a chance to go swimming, but Mimi explained how worried she would be if Claire was one and walking around, these crazy dogs would trample her, and I think that may be true. How do you stop them? How do you stop a dog from playing? From barking? From things they are used to doing? UGH! How annoying.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Beautiful Loaf

Kitchen Aid Mixers are GRAND! Look at this beauty...I mean a pear colored mixer.

Today was my first day breaking this bad girl out of the box and putting her to work. Now I am typing this before I even sample the bread she assisted me in making (she does the hard work and I toss in "the goods").

An old friend of mine from my baby blue and yellow days (River Hill lacrosse) shared the recipe for cinnamon bread by "The Pioneer Woman". I saw Amber's BEAUTIFUL loaf on Facebook yesterday, yes: yesterday, and I just had to run out get the things I was missing and try it myself.

After a quick run to Target and a rolling pin, loaf pan, and dry yeast in hand, I was off to dig up my brand new Kitchen Aid mixer.

While reading the recipe I was realizing how insanely patient a breadmaker must be. This is not what I am all about, but hey, I am using the $250 mixer! This tiny inspiration, thanks Amber, got me reading the booklet that came with it and now I want to make homemade chocolate chip cookies, but I've run out of white flour (only whole wheat left - I wonder if whole wheat choco chip's would even taste alright?)

So now I wait for two hours...but first I must clean up my mess (as I had plenty of 10 minute breaks of "waiting" during this bread making preparation so it really isn't too bad).

(picture to be inserted as soon as it's uploaded)

Two days later...the beautiful loaf was a TOTAL BUST. For some reason the rising that was supposed to occur during the many hours of me WAITING - did not happen. Oh well! I guess if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

Not Baby Related (but really it's all about the baby)

I have been searching high and low for a china cabinet to store our brand new BEAUTIFUL china in, as well as, other kitchen "stuff" our new appliances we got, the future baby bottles and baby food, even a place for napkins and serving plates. Finally after searching I found something. They were selling it for $100 and I got them down to $75. I am thrilled except for the fact we are going to have to paint it and get new hardware and basically redo the entire thing, but I think my mom wants to help so maybe it will get done before the baby shows up!

(picture to be inserted once taken)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

God Bless the US of A and our Men & Women who Serve!

Memorial Day is always a fun weekend, for one we have off work Monday and Friday is always nice because you know you have a long weekend. Lacrosse is always coming to an end during the last weekend in May with the College NCAA Championships. But while busy in our own lives it is a nice weekend to stop and think about the men and women who serve and have served this wonderful country.

As I, 28 weeks pregnant , relaxed in WV with my family in the blazing heat, near the river, I was able to reflect a little on those who protect us. I wish I did it more, pray for them, and think about the sacrifices they make to ensure my life, my husband's life, my parents, and siblings, and my soon to be daughter's life is safe. We owe them all the respect we have and the god honest truth is, we owe them our lives.

While up at the cabin on the Potomac River, my Grandma has a house sandwiched in between the tracks and the river with a beautiful piece of property the dogs are always in doggie heaven. While Monty was quite the devil... he still had fun! Even though the river was extremely high we found some safe cove for the pups to take a dive and cool off.

Tim and Pete enjoying the four wheelers!

Thirsty Thursday's turn to Thirfty Thursday

My how times have changed. Back in the day, Thursday nights were the long awaited start of the weekend and everyone was thirsty. Today's Thursday sung a different tune. I got myself to Michael's, ran through the store grabbing a few things I needed to make the cutest darn wreaths for the baby room and off I went. I actually ran into an old friend from high school, Kelly Smith. It was so nice to see her and catch up, it's a shame our friendship slowly disappeared as we grew up. Which leads me to Thrifty instead of Thirsty tonight (well I am thirsty for water and probably will drink another 34 oz before bed, but that's besides the point).

Just a couple weeks ago I was at the Pink Cabbage, an antique craft store near my parents house. It has a billion little trinkets and the cutest things inside, everything is one of kind. I have gotten Claire's dresser, our dining room table, knick knacks, etc there. So sure enough every time I enter I find a new treasure. Two weeks ago, I found the cutest tulle wreath with cute little button brooches. It cost me $30, I think. As adorable as it is, it so is not worth $30 bucks, but I bought it anyways, with the excuse, "it's our first child right?!"

It looks oh so very cute in the room but I wanted to see if I could replicate it with a different twist, which led me to Michael's. I tried some cream and purple tulle and cute ribbon with faux flowers and a few other things. When I got home, with a glue gun in hand, I got to work. The final products are so very cute and I am very excited about them! Take a look and see for yourself, can you tell the difference between most likely a "pro" crafter's (above) wreath and my own creations by the amateur (both below)?