Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sleep Deprivation, what's that?

I very easily may be jinxing myself, but I want to write this post because I am curious as to how Claire was at this age. I remember being EXHAUSTED. I remember wondering and bouncing and swaying and shushing in the middle of the night all night long. I do not remember 2-3 hour chunks of sleep on a regular basis all night long. I only remember maybe sleeping 2 or 3 hours total for the night. Patrick is a sleepy boy and loves to wake up only to nurse. He falls back asleep instantly and stays unswaddled in his bed next to our bed. I began wondering today, if it because he is going to be trouble in the future. Will he be like his Daddy, keeping me up all hours of the night when he's a teenager? I fear this, but I cannot stress over it now, as I am one happy mama since he is letting me sleep soundly every night and I truly am not sleep deprived. Life is really good right now.

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