Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A New Year, A New Us!

As I type this sitting next to the warm fire my sweet hubby made and drinking the venti soy chai tea latte my hubby went out to get me, I watch Claire dance to Monsters University and Patrick is playing independently with every type of ball known to man. I have a good life. A very good life. This year I am working on writing an update monthly about our family and the milestones we keep hitting. Today is a perfect day to start this because on a whim yesterday (we had a snow day) I put Claire in her big girl undies. She loves the princesses, so it wasn't hard to convince her to give them a shot. We talked about not peeing on Ariel or Minnie & Daisy. After 1 pee accident early in the day and then a poo accident, Claire started pooping on the potty. As I put her down for her nap with a diaper, I crammed with the 3 Day Potty Training PDF guide by Lora Jensen. I then ran around the house and prepared a prize box with lots of trinkets and a few pieces of candy. All were things we already owned and things Claire more or less forgot about (a stamp pad and stamper, 2 bracelets, a hair tie, a special Princess style body glitter spray, a dum dum and a box of nerds). I also created a sticker chart. I clearly wasn't prepared for her to poop EIGHT times in one day because after each poo I had the word PRIZE after the box. She literally pooped EIGHT times. Every time she got a prize. I didn't even have 8 prizes in my box but we improvised. She went outside in the snow one time with daddy and stayed dry the entire time!!! We made cookies and she earned two cookies another time. She also was able to watch Monsters University at the end of the night because she was such a big girl. I decided to try and put her down without a diaper and in her big girl undies for bedtime. We were off on another snow day so I knew I was in for less sleep than normal, but that was okay. She woke at 12:50ish and I rushed her to the potty. Completely DRY, go Claire! No pee, but I put her back down and she woke again at 4:45 am, complete dry. GO CLAIRE. I tried to put her on the potty again and nothing. She even drank some water and milk in the middle of the night because she was so thirsty. As I woke up at 6 am to get in the shower, I was changing Patrick's diaper and Claire was watching Frozen songs on my iPhone. She was standing on the baby potty and the trickle, well waterfall started. I rushed her to the toilet and she continued for a good while, right through Minnie & Daisy. We praised the peeing on the potty and I, moderately disappointed, reminded Claire how Minnie & Daisy do not want to get wet and that's yucky to do that in our undies. So day two begins... In other news, Patrick is our big almost NINE month old BABY! We love him to pieces. He is the calm in our life and reminds us all to live easy, breathe and laugh. He giggles at Claire; everything is funny to him. He's a mover nowadays. Army crawling sitting to crawling, crawling to sitting, crawling to downward dog. He's really, really good at downward dog. Maybe that's the yoga sense of his "live easy and breathe" personality. It's taken him a little longer to do things Claire was doing, but now he talks (dadada, bababba, yayayya, sometimes a maaamaaa), he sits in the tub or swims on his belly, he laughs hysterical if I pour water on him, or if Claire in the tub with him. He quietly goes to bed on his own with his paci and one hand stroking his head. He still nurses, but loves to eat a real dinner too. Last night he ate broccoli, corn, and shredded pork. We are just so thankful and blessed for a little Brady Bunch. <3

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